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Focus On Being Productive

Instead of Busy

Tim Ferris

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Helping You Move From Chaos to Clarity

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your workload, can’t see the wood for the trees and would like to break free from time-sucking habits like procrastination?  If the answer is Yes, then I can help you

I LOVE implementing systems and processes and using these to create efficiencies to make a difference in business.

My goal is to help overwhelmed business owners to become more efficient and productive, making your life easier, freeing up time for what is REALLY important to you.

I will guide you to work smarter and get more done and help you move from chaos to clarity and overwhelm to organised.

Why Me ?

  • I am a trusted partner to get things done.  Being a natural completer / finisher, nothing will be forgotten or allowed to slip through the net.

  • I have excellent attention to detail and am extremely organised.

  • Excellent IT skills, which I also use to improve systems and ways of working in a more lean and efficient way.

  • Exceptional communication skills and ability to build relationships and establish credibility at all levels.

  • I have over 30 years of experience working in business and can turn my hand to most administrative tasks.


What Can I Do For You ?

If there's something you would like me to do - don't be afraid to ask !

See What  My Customers Have To Say

Friendly, Approachable & Diligent

We contacted Sally to help us with putting together a procedures manual for our business.  As a technology business we have gone through many changes in the past 5 years and documentation we had in place was out of date and irrelevant.  The task seemed huge so we asked for help.

I am so pleased that we called on Sally, she was professional at all times but still managed to build excellent relationships with each team member.  She is now very much a member of our team and is called on regularly for a variety of projects.

Sally is friendly, approachable and extremely diligent.  She did not shy away from challenging us on why we did things in certain ways which was important as it allowed us to really question our own processes and ultimately improve them in the process.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sally to anyone for this type of project (or anything that needed organising!)​

Helen Dargie

CEO - We Love Surveys

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