I have three pricing packages

 Bespoke options are available so please ask

  • Retainer

    Pay for a set number of hours  per month on unlimited tasks

    The most flexible option - perfect for those who need ongoing support across a variety of tasks.  We will agree a set number of hours that I will work for you per month. 


    Retainers help all of us as it guarantees you my time which allows me to reduce my hourly rate, there are no hidden invoice surprises, and allows me to plan my workload.  It also gives priority over PAYG clients.  

    Time-tracking software rounds up or down my time to the nearest 15 minutes​. I will advise you when I am nearing your limit so extra hours can be added or tasks reduced

    Payment is required up front.  Invoice issued on 1st of each month

  • Pay As You Go

    Pay for the hours I work on a set task with no ongoing commitment

    I will invoice at the end of every month for the hours worked.


    The hours I work for each client, are recorded and logged using time-tracking software which rounds up or down my time to the nearest 15 minutes​, so you are not paying for any time that I am not working. 

    My Pay As You Go rate will be higher than my retainer rate.

    Minimum of one hour

  • Project

    Pay a fixed price for a particular project to be completed

    This package is used for one off Projects, for example Websites.  I will discuss your spec with you and provide a quote based on our discussions.

    Payment of 50% up front will be required  on acceptance of Quote. Balance due on project completion

    Project fee can be subject to revision if the project parameters change.

My rates include time spent on the assignment, liaison with client by telephone, email or face-to-face meetings including initial briefings.  Any additional specific costs incurred such as stationary, postage, packaging will be charged separately at cost price.

Payments to be made electronically within 7 days of invoice being issued. 

Support outside of my normal working hours, or urgent work, is possible but may incur a premium on the hourly rate.

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